Recent Award Recipients

John Long

Barbershopper of the Year 2021


Awarded to John Long

John Long was awarded the Barbershopper of the Year Award for 2020. John Long was the 2019 VP Music/Performance and provided amazing opportunities of operational growth and chapter development into the Columbus Arts Community of The Singing Buckeyes Chorus.

Jake Bavarsky

Rookie of the Year 2020


Awarded to Jake Bavarsky

Jake Bavarsky was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for 2020. Since joining The Singing Buckeyes Chorus, Jake has sought out leadership and responsibility in Music Leadership and Operational Development. He strived to keep the Chorus Operations lean, clean and organized. 

Mark Stock

Hall of Fame 2021


Awarded to Mark Stock

Mark Stock has been award Hall of Fame Member for the Class of 2020. Mark Stock has been a chapter member for countless iterations of The Singing Buckeyes legacy and led the charge to keep the Chorus operational through COVID-19. Mark's efforts are appreciated and we are proud to announce him as Hall of Famer!